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Our proposals seek to recognise the potential of the site and its importance to the King Street area by repositioning the existing M&S offer modern, new-look M&S Foodhall, which will offer local customers in Hammersmith a fresh, market-style shopping experience with a wider range of M&S Food products than ever before. The site will include:

  • A c. 15,000 sq ft M&S Foodhall;
  • Enhanced public realm and landscape amenities with increase access/permeability through the site;
  • Streetscape and townscape improvements and
  • C. 400 Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) rooms

The redevelopment of the M&S store at 27 King Street will provide the following benefits:

  • A new full-line Marks & Spencer store providing a modern, fit for purpose retail environment in Hammersmith. This will deliver a better shopper experience within a more sustainable building, which retains the heritage asset.
  • A new public route connecting Lyric Square and St. Paul’s green will be created, reinstating a connection that has been lost over the years.
  • A new public space is proposed towards Black’s Road, opposite the Willmotts building, providing a great opportunity to create a quiet, south facing new public realm.
  • Increased employment opportunities in the local area with 50 new M&S jobs and multiple PBSA jobs to be created by the redevelopment

In doing so the proposal will enhance the pedestrian environment in the area and put people first again helping to restore some of Hammersmith’s lost vibrancy.

After nearly 100 years in residence on King Street M&S is seeking to reposition the existing offer to a modern, new-look M&S Foodhall, which will offer local customers in Hammersmith a fresh, market-style shopping experience with a wider range of M&S Food products than ever before.

Marks & Spencer takes its commitment to its colleagues very seriously.  All colleagues currently working at the store will be redeployed to another nearby Marks & Spencer store, whilst Marks & Spencer Hammersmith is being redeveloped. All colleagues will then be offered the chance to return to work in the new store when it reopens.

We feel that there is an opportunity to contribute much more positively to the neighbouring area through high-quality architecture and the increase in public realm. The proposals for the site will build on LBH&F’s Vision for a green and healthy town centre as set out in the Hammersmith Town Centre Masterplan (2019). The proposed height and massing has been determined by a robust assessment of the Town Centre Masterplan, impacts on heritage, townscape, views, daylight, sunlight and overshadowing in particular.

Furthermore, the design team’s intention is to actively engage with the local community to ensure that the plans respond to their ambitions for the area, and in particular to define and design together this great opportunity to provide a quiet, south facing new public realm.

Of the total student target market (full time who don’t live with parents, in their own residence or are not in attendance) over 78,000 students are unable to access Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), meaning they must compete in the traditional rental housing market. With student numbers set to grow, the picture will only get worse.

Therefore, there is a clear need for specific, high-quality, purpose-built student accommodation, providing an environment which stimulates and improves educational outcomes.

The provision of high-quality PBSA within the scheme will help to ease pressure on the traditional rental housing market in Hammersmith & Fulham and nearby local higher education institutions.

We will be submitting an application to Hammersmith & Fulham Council, who will consider the application through its Planning and Development Control Committee.

We are currently planning to submit the planning application to Hammersmith & Fulham Council in late summer / early Autumn 2022.

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