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Key Benefits

After nearly 100 years in residence on King Street M&S’s proposals seek to recognise the potential of the site and its importance to the King Street area by repositioning the existing M&S offer to a modern, new-look M&S Foodhall.

Our proposals will introduce:

  • A modern, new-look M&S Foodhall that offers local customers in Hammersmith a fresh, market-style shopping experience with a wider range of M&S Food products.
  • An increase of inward investment to the area that will help to improve local economies by bringing value, job creation, and infrastructure development to Hammersmith.
  • The introduction of c. 400 Purpose-Built Student Accommodation, equivalent of 175 homes for the borough, would help to release pressure on housing in the local area.
  • Best in-class, modern, fit for purpose retail design that will deliver a better shopper experience within a more sustainable building.
  • Enhanced public realm and landscape amenities with the creation of a new south facing square connecting Lyric Square to St Paul’s Green and the River Thames beyond.
  • A scheme with a lifecycle in excess of 100 years achieving a whole life net zero carbon impact.

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