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Reef Group and Urban R

Reef Group have extensive experience in placemaking and will bring their unique approach to the redevelopment of 27 King Street.

Partnering with M&S, Reef Group is a design led developer with a specific focus on place making. All of their developments are crafted to enhance communities.

UrbanR is the group’s in-house architectural studio consisting of a group of highly experienced architects.  Urban R design, produce, project manage, market and operate innovative spaces & places.

Please see Reef Group’s projects currently in delivery stage below:

Complementing neighbouring buildings 

We have sought to ensure our design complements neighbouring buildings and upcoming nearby developments. The images below demonstrates how the tallest element of our building, at 11 storeys above the store, will step down from nearby taller buildings. The part
of the building facing the high street will be four storeys, a similar height to those buildings currently on the high street, to restore the high street to its traditional form.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about these views or any further viewpoints.



Developed Elevations

Since the two public exhibitions in Autumn 2022, Reef Group and the project team have produced section and elevation drawings showing the showing the relationship of the proposal with nearby buildings which can be found below.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the below images.


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