The Site

The site lies at 27-39 King Street in the heart of Hammersmith.


The site is conveniently located in one of west London busiest transport hubs. Both underground and bus stations are within close proximity.

Kings Street is a busy retail route filled with many shops and restaurants. In-between the arts and retail options, green spaces and squares lead towards a riverside walk. Scattered among King Street and the vicinity of the site are a wealth of public spaces and amenities.

The site is located within the Hammersmith Broadway Conservation Area (CA). The Hammersmith Town Hall CA lies to West and the Brook Green CA to the North-West.


The existing building is a partially single, partially triple storey building. It is no longer fit for purpose and a number of additions over the years (railings, corrugated metal etc) have contributed in a negative way to the setting.

Above the current M&S store the elevation along King Street there is a gap between numbers 27 and 37. The brickwork of the building on Black’s Road is of no architectural or heritage interest.

The rear of the building on Blacks Road detracts from the area. The existing M&S entrance has been closed for security reasons. We want to reactive and improve this space.

Further information on the historic evolution of Hammersmith Town Centre and M&S’s position on King Street can be found be clicking the link below. This brochure was also available at our two public consultation events in September and October this year.

Hammersmith Heritage Brochure

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